. DIGITAL MARKETING: Lead Generation, Google Adds, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Website Development and Hosting etc.



By Leonard Okonkwo

Lead Generation

set out your business goals and write them down on paper before looking for tools that helps you achieve your goal; Lead Generation Tools that help you build your business faster,

Email marketing or autoresponder, collect data and store them for you, send out bulk messages.

Autoresponder should be able to have these features; opt in forms , tags, survey tools, automatic follow up system/sequence

Web page hosting; landing page and thank you page

Check out Dashnex pages for free

Conversion tracking software; number of visitors to my pages, use google analytics for a start

Lead generation tools don’t make money people do through sales and marketing

Tips to find autoresponder faster, Grow your online Business


Mouth, talk to people

4 most important lead generation tools;

1 My attractive character, dress, your look, how you talk and take care of your self

2 Audacious promise e.g. cheapest, astonishing warrantees

3 amazing awesome team, for referrals from customers and contacts

4 Amazing track records, Testimonials.

The better way to grow your business is through digital media

LinkedIn is the leading b2b platform

Spice up your profile, testimonials, endorsements, recommendations

Build exposure by getting more connections

Create Engagements, like and comment on posts

Start Messaging that is in line with your contacts interest



How We Can Help

  • Market Research
  • Google Analytics
  • Product Segmentation
  • Client Feedback
  • Real Estate Market Insights


Why choose us?

Because farmers need access to market for their products and services; we bridge the gap between them and potential buyers


LEEAGlobal Resources also provides strategic, financial and technical advice to organizations, farmers, landowners and associated businesses on land access and development. We advise our clients on market research and agribusiness development, branding and packaging, export, entrepreneurship expos and projects management.

We have a team of experts working across industries and who specialize in research and development, marketing and sales, entrepreneurship, leadership, agribusiness, client management, corporate social responsibility, travels and tours.




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Our Services

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