LeeaGlobal Resources (LGR) provides intensive marketing services for agro-producers and processors and leverages on our networks, expertise and digital skills to promote agric-related products and services that draw more attention and conversions for our clients.






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Our Services

We offer specialized services with focus in the following areas.


Product marketing involves the overall process of conveying a good or service to customers. We help producers define the scope of the product line, identify potential markets for a product, determine optimal pricing for the market, encourage potential customers to purchase the product, and find the best distribution methods for delivering the product to customers.

Sourcing refers to a number of procurement practices, aimed at finding, evaluating and engaging suppliers for acquiring goods and services. This is often a painful and time consuming process requiring good understanding of our culture and terrain. We help make this pain go away for bulk buyers and importers who are interested in sourcing agricultural commodities from Cameroon.


Farm management is making and implementing the decisions involved in organizing and operating a farm for maximum production and profit. Organizations or individuals interested in investing in agriculture in Cameroon can now hire the service of our experts to take control of their farm project from start to finish.

Farmers need access to agribusiness training and counseling but these have always been in short supply. We are working to improve farmers’ access to training and counseling through Workshops, Seminars, Webinars, Podcasts, Ebooks, and Videos.